New Multi-focal Contact Lens

The term presbyopia refers to changes inside our eyes that affect our near vision beginning around age 40. I am excited to introduce a new multi-focal contact lens that addresses these changes, Purvision 2 For Presbyopia.

This is a brand new design and has shown amazing results in studies and in early introduction this year in Europe. Traditionally, the largest obstacle with multifocal contact lenses is to deliver good near vision while maintaining good distance vision. The Purevision 2 For Presbyopia is the latest lens to address this need. Utilizing a 3 zone progressive design it is 22% thinner than its predecessor and provides remarkable comfort.

Early patient studies make me confident that you will find improvement in your visual experience throughout the day whatever your visual demands include. This is especially apparent with night vision. Email me today to discuss if you may be a good candidate for these lenses.