Treatments: Surgical planning

If you need surgery for cataracts or laser vision correction, Dr. Bender helps you select and prepare the most appropriate procedure.

How does it work?

Dr. Bender makes preoperative and postoperative visits. Both of these procedures, cataract or vision correction, have several options and it is important to match the correct procedure with the individual.

Dr. Bender performs a full comprehensive eye examination as the starting point. He determines the best correctable vision, the goals of each patient, and checks the health status of the eye.

For cataract surgery, he needs to determine which type of implant will work best for your daily routine. There are so many options to choose from: high definition mono-focal, multifocal to help reading, and toric for astigmatism. Each of these groups of implants also has different options. For example, with multifocal implants, he needs to determine if a patient spends greater time at the computer or at their desk doing work. This affects what implant should be used.

There are similar issues with laser surgery. Patients over forty will often have a different prescription for far and near vision. He needs to determine if you want mono-vision which corrects one eye for far vision and one eye for near vision, or if you will be okay with using reading glasses post surgery.

Please note!

Bender Optometric Group only works with a few, selected, and excellent ophthalmologists.