Examinations: Direct and Indirect Ophtalmascope

Direct and Indirect Ophtalmascope

An Ophtalmascope is a handheld microscope that we use to see very fine details. This examination will take about ten minutes.

How does it work?

You sit in the examination chair and Dr. Bender places the microscope really close to your eye. The indirect version is a headpiece he wears in conjunction with a magnifying lens to examine more peripheral internal retinal areas.

Dr. Bender views your eye’s anatomy. It can get at bit bright, so you have to focus on keeping your eye open. Afterwards, your vision may go dark or you can see colors for a few minutes as a result of the light shining into your eye.

Dr. Bender takes notes in your electronic record so that he can follow your eye’s anatomy over time and monitor your overall eye health.

Please note

In some cases we need to dilate the pupil for this examination, please read more under Dilate pupils.