Examinations: Slit Lamp Biomicroscope

Slit Lamp Biomicroscope

The Slit Lamp is a microscope that enables an assessment of the health of the eye: does its anatomy look normal or not? With a Slit Lamp we can view your front and internal eye structures. We can also take an eye pressure (intraocular pressure or IOP) measurement. This examination will take about five minutes.

How does it work?

You sit in the examination chair and place your chin and forehead in a head rest. It is important that you try to sit still and keep your eyes open.

Dr. Bender looks at your eyes through the microscope and uses differently colored lights that result in better views of certain structures. For example, he uses a cobalt blue light to view scratches on the cornea and dryness.

Our Slit Lamp is a recent model and uses LED illumination which is excellent in producing bright and pure light. It can magnify your eye up to 40 times! If you are sensitive to the brightness of the examination, Dr. Bender will take breaks when needed.

Please note

We might use color dyes in your eye to assess the health of the eye surface. Please read more under Tear Analyses. In some cases we need to dilate the pupils for this examination, please read more under Dilate pupils.