Why Myopia Control?

Myopia makes your child’s vision blurry in the distance

Regular glasses do not slow down myopic progression

Myopia increases the risk of eye problems

Managing myopia in children involves extensive testing and understanding of the potential for progression. Recent literature emphasizes the importance of putting treatment options in place to help slow the progression of myopia. This is important because the lower the prescription, the lower the risk of developing eye health related issues down the road.

Our comprehensive vision examinations will determine the best options for treatment. There are three basic categories of myopia management: spectacles, pharmaceuticals, and contact lenses.



SOFT CONTACT LENSES: Defocus the peripheral retina

  • Center distance multifocal soft lenses: Natural Vue, MiSight
  • Dual focus lenses and extended-depth-of-focus lenses

ORTHOKERATOLOGY: Change the axial length of the eye

COMBINATION THERAPIES: Using more than one of the above treatments.