Examinations: Dilate Pupils

When we need to get a better view of the health of the internal eye, we dilate the pupil with drops. If you think of your undilated pupil as the keyhole of a door, dilating it is like opening the door to look inside. We get a much better view of your eye!

How does it work?

Dr. Bender instills the drops in your eyes and then you have to wait 20–30 minutes for dilation to take place. The drops also temporarily paralyze your focusing muscles. This means that your near vision will get very blurry and light sensitive.

This is a preparation for examinations with Slit Lamp Biomicroscope, Direct & Indirect Ophtalmascope, and Retinal Imaging.

Please note!

The most common drops we use will give an effect that lasts 4–6 hours post exam. Sometimes we use stronger drops that can last longer. You will not be able to read during that time, so we recommend scheduling this procedure toward the end of a workday or on a day off.

You will need sunglasses and a driver to take you home until the effect is gone!