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Bender Optometric Group – Personal Eye Care for You

We can see it in your eyes

Blurred vision?

Most people get some kind of blurred vision during their lifetimes, but in most cases we can help you get your sharp vision back with glasses or contact lenses. We give you a thorough examination and make sure you get the best treatment.

Irritated eyes?

Does it feel like you have sand in your eyes? Are they sore and itchy? Then you might have an allergy, infection, or a problem with dry eyes. We can check your eyes, analyze your tears, and look for signs of infection to find out what causes your eye irritation.


Your eye is a reflection of your body. Did you know that we can see signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol when we examine your eyes? Visiting us for a yearly checkup is a good investment in your health!

Welcome to Bender Optometric Group! Premier Optometrist Serving Tustin and Orange County

For over 50 years, we have been providing vision care in Tustin, Orange County with the goal to examine every patient thoroughly utilizing the latest treatments and technologies.

We offer personalized help

Glasses and contact lenses

What do you prefer, spectacles or contact lenses? It depends on your age and your daily life. Maybe you do best with a combination? We help you find the best solution for your eyes, and yes, we can get you cool glasses as well!


We offer many different forms of treatments such as prescription eye drops, laser surgery or tear duct plugs. In other cases we can arrange for you to have surgery at an eye surgery clinic or get in touch with your primary care provider or a specialist. We want eye care to be easy for you.

Omega Eye Supplements

Other Eye Help

You can obtain over-the-counter eye drops, artificial tears, and products for taking care of your contact lenses in our clinic. We also sell natural remedies and nutritional supplements that can be good for your eyes.

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